Researchers of Tomorrow

The Faculty of Health is home to more than 600 graduate students and 22 post-doctoral fellows. This next generation of researchers is being trained in the cutting-edge theories, techniques, and approaches that will shape the health of our future society, pushing their fields to levels we can’t yet imagine. Some of Canada’s top trainees study in our five graduate programs – Health, Critical Disability Studies, Nursing, Kinesiology and Health Science, and Psychology – and they have earned an impressive array of external scholarships and awards. Beyond basic academics, our graduate students benefit from skills training, international opportunities, internships, placements and entrepreneurship resources to ensure they are not only accomplished future researchers, but outstanding future citizens.
Newspaper with title: "Researchers of Tomorrow". Text on newspaper: "115 doctoral scholarships and 74 masters scholarships worth more than $2.6 million. 3 Vanier Canada graduate scholarships, Canada's most prestigious graduate scholarship. 2 Ontario Trillium scholarships. 38 Joseph-Armand Bombadier Canada graduate scholarships. 17 Alexander Graham Bell Canada graduate scholarships. 26 Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada graduate scholarships."