Healthy Lives, Healthy Communities

Smiling woman with text: "Diverse. Connected. Impactful. Research in the Faculty of Health is helping to create healthy lives and healthy communities."Research in York’s Faculty of Health reflects our aspiration to keep more people healthier, longer. Our focus on health first, then care when needed, leads us to ask different questions and push beyond traditional boundaries to make a difference in people’s lives through our research.

Our faculty members come from four units – Psychology, Nursing, Kinesiology and Health Science, and Health Policy and Management – and our research encompasses a diverse range of approaches and disciplines. Our work spans the full spectrum from individuals to communities; from molecules to global health systems. Research in our Faculty is a microcosm of research across our entire university.

Crucially, our researchers routinely work together, across disciplinary lines, to explore complex issues from many angles. We connect to partners outside of academia, whether in a grassroots not-for-profit agency, a local community hospital, a start-up company, or a government ministry. Our knowledge is mobilized in communities as near as Jane-Finch and as far as Rwanda, and we have research ties in more than 30 countries around the world.

Researchers in our Faculty are highly productive: our peer-reviewed funding continues to increase, as do our numbers of publications, conference presentations, and trainees. The impact of our research is evident, from basic, curiosity-driven research that advances the state of the art, to applied research that contributes directly to our quality of life. Our researchers are recognized nationally and internationally for their contributions.

The Faculty of Health Research Support Office (RSO) provides local support for faculty research activities and is responsible for enhancing research and creative scholarship in the Faculty.

Our Research by the Numbers