Name-tag with text: "Hello, my name is: Southlake regional health centre, North York general hospital, University Health Network, Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy, CreateIT Now, Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre, Revera Long Term Care Inc., Central Local Health Integration Network..."Applying academic research to real-world problems is a priority for many of our researchers.

Our connections with community, government, healthcare and industry partners help us push beyond traditional boundaries, to incorporate interdisciplinary approaches, and to respond to the issues and challenges that shape our world.

We have joint Research Scientist programs with Southlake Regional Health Centre and North York General Hospital, fostering new avenues for research and knowledge exchange. Our researchers are embedded in the hospital, working directly with clinicians and administrators. The Faculty of Health is a founding member of CreateIT Now, an innovation and commercialization incubator focused on advanced health informatics and connected medical devices. We are formally partnered with the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre to provide research and training opportunities in the home and community care sector, and with Revera Long Term Care Inc. to deliver specialized training in clinical leadership and conduct joint research in aging.

For more information to explore partnering with York University,  visit the University's Partnerships page.