Research Funding Opportunities

The searchable listing below is generally updated bi-weekly, and distributed as an e-mail bulletin to Faculty of Health researchers, to provide faculty with information on current Research Funding Opportunities.

NOTE:  The Internal Faculty of Health Deadline is 4 business days prior to the external deadline date unless otherwise specified.

If you wish to have a Faculty Research Officer (RO) review relevant application documents, please submit your application for 2-3 weeks before the external deadline.

LAST UPDATE: August 5, 2022

OpportunitySponsorPre-app typePre-app deadlineExt. DeadlineKeywords
Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP)Genome CanadaEOIAug 17, 2022Jan 10, 2023Partnerships, industry, genome, genomics, genomics-based applications, project pitch, 3 stage competition
SFARI 2022 Genomics of ASD: Pathways to Biological Convergence and Genetic TherapiesSimon Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)n/an/aAug 18, 2022Genomics, Autism Research, molecular, cellular consequences of genetic risk, gene-based therapies
SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grants: Gender-Based ViolenceSSHRCn/an/aAug 18, 2022Gender-based violence,
knowledge synthesis, existing research, imagining Canada's future, decision-making, best practices, evidence-based
Mitacs and MHRC Partners for Innovation in Mental Health ResearchMitacs and Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC)Stage 1 (of 2)

Notify Mitacs Specialist Rachel Sung asap
Aug 29, 2022Oct 24, 2022Graduate students, Masters, PhD,
mental health research, community service partner, knowledge sharing, community service provider, academic supervisor
Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Award ProgramJohnson & JohnsonMandatory Internal MAAC review

ASAP: contact SIRI's Abby Vogus @ with intention to apply.
Sep 6, 2022Oct 15, 2022Women, STEM, innovative researchers, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing, design, Global, industry, highly competitive
2022 Sony Research Award ProgramSony Corporation of American/an/aSep 15, 2022Innovation award, Research award, 3 categories, Information Technology, Devices and Materials, Biomedical and Life Science, pioneering research
Sloan Research FellowshipsAlfred P. Sloan Foundationn/an/aSep 15, 2022Alfred P. Sloan, prestigious, Sloan fellow, young researchers, ECRs, outstanding scholars, distinction, fundamental research
Guggenheim FellowshipsJohn Simon Guggenheim Foundationn/an/aAnticipated:
Sep 15, 2022
John Simon Guggenheim, Guggenheim fellow, mid-career researchers, all fields, 175 awarded per year
Operating Grant: Psilocybin-assisted Psychotherapy for Mental Health and Substance Use DisordersCIHRRegistrationSep 6, 2022Oct 4, 2022Psilocybin, therapy, psychotherapy, mental health, substance abuse, substance use disorders
Royal Society of Canada (& College) 2023 Nominations

VPRI Memo on RSC Fellow Nomination Process

VPRI Memo on RSC College Nomination Process
Royal Society of Canada (RSC)Notify Abby Vogus (SIRI) and present materials for optional MAAC review

Notify RSO asap
Sep 6, 2022Anticipated:
Dec 1, 2022
RSC, Royal Society, Canada, prestigious, distinction, academic honours, fellows, College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, nomination
Call for Applications - Research Cooperation in the Canadian Francophonie ProgramFrancophone Association for the Advancement of Sciences (Acfas)n/an/aSep 10, 2022Francophone research and researchers, collaborations, teams, French-speaking, Canada, research, journals, linguistics, professors, grad students, bilingual
NSERC PromoScience Call for ApplicationsNSERCn/an/aSep 15, 2022Science teachers, learning, communication, young students, science promotion, outreach, program development, resource development
SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants (PEGs)SSHRCn/an/aSep 15, 2022Research communication, outreach, knowledge mobilization, events
Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC)Government of CanadaRegistration
& email RSO to notify of your intent to apply
Sep 15, 2022Oct 13, 2022large award, institutional strategies, federally identified priority areas, global leaders, large fund, eight years
Open Call for Integrated Discovery Programs (IDPs)Ontario Brain InstituteRegistrationSep 15, 2022Dec 15, 2022 (Stage 2 by invitation only)Intergrated Discovery Programs, Brain, Ontario Brain Institute, research clusters, neurotechnology, clinical research networks, brain disorder, patient partnership activities, clinical, testing, tools, evaluation
SSHRC Insight Grants (IG)SSHRCn/an/aOct 1, 2022Social Sciences, Humanities, large research grant, Insight stream
2023 Molson Prize CompetitionCanada Council for the Artscontact SIRI's Abby Vogus @ with intention to applyasapOct 1, 2022Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, researcher, Molson, merit award, $50 000, Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, International Stature
SSHRC and WAGE Gender-Based Violence Research InitiativeSSHRC, WAGEn/an/aOct 6, 2022Partnerships, academic, community-based, not for profit, intersectional, women, LGBTQ2S+, gender-based violence, GBV, violence, sexual violence, justice, prevention
Ontario Genomics - CANSSI Ontario Postdoctoral Fellowship in Genome Science"CANSSIcontact FGS' Kim McIntyre @ with intention to applyasapNov 1, 2022Postdoctoral researchers, fellows, PDFs, statistics, biostatistics, epidemiology, genomics
Fullbright Canada Awards for Canadian Scholars 2023/2024

Resarch Chairs Program

Traditional (All Disciplines) Awards Program
Fullbright Canadan/an/aNov 15, 2022Canada - U.S. relations, American, Canadian, United States of America, all disciplines, research chair, scholarship award, binational collaboration, contemporary issues, guest lecturing, visitorships, networking, sabbatical use
CIHR Transforming Health with Integrated Care (THINC)CIHRn/an/aNov 29, 2022Healthcare, integrated healthcare, implementation science, transformation, policy, policy makers, decision makers, evidence-informed, equitable care, interventions
Special Response Fund for Trainees (Ukraine)Government of Canadan/an/aDec 20, 2022graduate students, postdocs, Ukraine, relief, support, research trainees, HQP
Brocher Foundation call for Residencies and WorkshopsThe Brocher Foundation (Switzerland)n/a
NOTE: calls TBA Nov.
n/aFebruary, 2023official call to come in Nov '22. Europe, European Workshops, residences, health related, funding for international researchers, accommodations, airfare funded.
CANSSI Ontario - Data Access GrantsCanadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI Ontario)n/an/aRolling deadlinesmitigating high cost of access to big data sets, interdisciplinary, researchers, trainees, data-intensive research
Mitacs Business Strategy Internship ProgramMitacsn/an/aRolling deadlines
contact Rachel Sung
trainees, students, business, private sector, organizational support, technical skills, internship
NSERC Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate GrantsNSERC, Mitacsn/an/aRolling deadlinespartner organizations, NFPOs, R&D, collaborations, trainees, graduate students
NSERC Alliance Grants (Option 1, Option 2) NSERCn/an/aRolling deadlinesPartnerships, cost-sharing, societal impact
NSERC Connect Grants (Level 1, Level 2)NSERCn/an/aRolling deadlinesAcademic-industry partnership development, travel

* = Internal opportunity