Current and Upcoming Research Funding Opportunities / Awards

The searchable listing below is updated bi-weekly (and distributed as an e-mail bulletin to HH Researchers) to provide faculty with information on current Research Funding Opportunities and Awards.

Please note:  The INTERNAL FACULTY OF HEALTH DEADLINE is 4 business days prior to the external deadline date unless otherwise specified.

If you wish to have a Faculty Research Officer (RO) review relevant application documents, please allow for 2-3 weeks for this.

LAST UPDATE: Apr. 9, 2021

OpportunitySponsorPre-app typePre-app deadlineExt. DeadlineKeywords
PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT: Heart Failure Research Network OpportunityCIHR with Heart & Stroke Foundation, Mitacs, NIHTBATBATBA Spring 2021heart failure, heart disease, network, circulatory health, respiratory health, NIH, Mitacs, Heart, Stroke
Arthritis Society Innovation Grants ProgramArthritis SocietyregistrationApr. 5, 2021Jun. 30, 2021innovative research, pain, inflammatory arthritis, childhood arthritis, development, testing, novel arthritis management approaches
Arthritis Society 2021-21 Operating Grants ProgramArthritis SocietyLOIApr. 8, 2021Sep. 1, 2021Arthritis, pain, rheumatism, inflammatory arthritis, childhood arthritis, osteoarthritis, work-related, operating grant
Operating Grant: HIV/AIDS & STBBI Community-Based ResearchCIHRn/an/aApr. 27, 2021Community-based, HIV, STBBI, changing environment
Health Research Training Platform (2020-21 Pilot program)CIHRRegistrationApr. 21, 2021Jun. 22, 2021 Training, ECR, graduate students, mentoring, national, collaborative
Strategic Partnership Grant CompetitionCancer Research Society (CRS) and Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC/OvCAN)LOIApr. 29, 2021Jul. 6, 2021Ovarian cancer, therapeutics, novel treatments, female health, women's health
Fighting Blindness Canada Research Grant Competition Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC)LOIApr. 29, 2021Jul. 22, 2021blindness, eye disease, treatment, cure, vision research
Paris Dauphine-PSL University call for Research ProjectsWomen and Science Chair at Paris Dauphine-PSL Universityn/an/aApr. 30, 2021females in science, women, girls, equity, natural sciences, hard sciences, underrepresented groups
Heart-Brain Connection IMPACT Award
For more info, contact
Brain Canada, Heart & Stroke FoundationLOIMay, 2021Sep. 1, 2021Prevention, health outcomes, cognitive decline, stroke, heart disease, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, interdisciplinary
Minor Research Grants, Combined Minor Research Grants and Junior Faculty Funds*Faculty of Health (YU)n/an/aMay 1, 2021Internal, ECR, junior, collaborative, small grant, one year, research project, HH researchers
Connection Grants (CG)SSHRCn/anote: applications open 4x per year. Upcoming: May 1, Aug. 1.May 1, 2021Social Sciences, Humanities, intersectoral, multidisciplinary, socio-cultural, events, outreach
May 2021 Connection GrantsSSHRCn/an/aMay 3, 2021Outreach, connection, knowledge mobilization, KM, KT
Partners for Innovation in High-Performance Sport ResearchMitacs & Own the Podium (OTP)LOIMar. 31, 2021May 31, 2021Research excellence, natural science, social science, humanities, international
Clinical Translation Pathway Request for ApplicationsOntario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR)LOIMay 10, 2021Aug. 12, 2021Cancer, pre-clinical, clinical, Pre-CATA, CATA, biomarkers, trials, diagnostics, therapeutics
Round 16 - Early Career Award (ERA) CompetitionMinistry of Colleges and Universities3 letters of support due at ORSMay 17, 2021Jun. 7, 2021Early career research, ECR, youth, innovation, outreach, parental and other leave considerations
Team Grant: Indigenous Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative Cohort Research Study (I-HeLTI)CIHR Roadmap Accelerator Fund (RAF)n/an/aJun. 9, 2021Indigenous health, aging, circulatory, respiratory, gender, public health
Arthritis Society Stars Career Development AwardArthritis SocietyRegistrationMay 26, 2021Jul. 12, 2021Arthritis, pain research, osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, childhood arthritis, work-related research, career development
Partnership Engage Grants (PEG)SSHRCn/an/aJun. 15, 2021Social sciences, humanities, cultural, economic, societal, dissemination, KT, events, outreach, one-time
Operating Grant: 13th JPIAMR transnational call for research projects (2021)CIHRRegistrationJun. 22, 2021Jul. 29, 2021Operating grant, antimicrobial resistance, IPPH, infection, immunity
Bell Let's Talk-Brain Canada Mental Health Research ProgramBrain Canada with Bell Let’s TalkLOIMar. 16, 2021Jul. 6, 2021Mental health, accessible brain health, EDI, innovative, sustainable
CIHR Chair: Applied Public Health 2021CIHRLOIMar. 18, 2021Sep. 2, 2021chair, CIHR, mid-career, PHAC, policy, public health
HSFP Research GrantsHuman Frontier Science ProgramLOIMar. 30, 2021Sep. 15, 2021Biology, science, chemistry, interdisciplinary, engineering
Updated CIHR Spreadsheet (from ORS)CIHRn/an/aRolling deadlinesSpreadsheet, health research opportunities, condensed, ORS, Passport York protected
NSERC Alliance-Mitacs Accelerate GrantsNSERC, Mitacsn/an/aRolling deadlinespartner organizations, NFPOs, R&D, collaborations, trainees, graduate students
NSERC Alliance Grants (Option 1, Option 2) NSERCn/an/aRolling deadlinesPartnerships, cost-sharing, societal impact
NSERC Connect Grants (Level 1, Level 2)NSERCn/an/aRolling deadlinesAcademic-industry partnership development, travel
Call for Proposals: GlycoNet 2021/22 Grant CompetitionCanadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet)email Registration10 days prior to ext. deadlineRolling deadlinesglycomics, Canadian glycomics, clinical, partnerships, translational, strategic, bioeconomy, innovative challenges

* = Internal opportunity